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We are glad that you are interested in used watches on our website. Renowned luxury watches do not necessarily have to be expensive. The client base of watch enthusiasts and collectors, that has formed within the last years, confirms that luxury watches represent a high investment even in the lower price segment. You can find a wide selection of vintage watches of the most renowned brands on our homepage. Taking a look at our range of products is well worthwhile at all times, for our offers are continuously extended and updated.

We are specialized in selling particular Omega vintage watches. So we hope you enjoy looking through our collection as much as we do. Taking a look at our very unique collection of Pocket Watch Conversions  "Marriage Watches"


Antiques are undoubtedly one of the investments that can last for decades, passed from generation to generation, and increase in value with each passing year. Their value practically never decreases. Economic fluctuations or even fashions do not make them fall in price, which means that they are an extremely safe form of investment.


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A Trusted Seller is distinguished by special reliability and trustworthiness in his dealings with Chrono24 and its users. Verification of the identity of the dealer. dealer it in the first place. Dealers must provide a copy of their ID, trade license, or excerpt from the commercial register, and where necessary, confirmation of identity from dealers previously activated on Chrono24.

Only dealers who have been active on Chrono24 for six months with no unresolved disputes can become Trusted Sellers.