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What is a "MARRIAGE" watch?

A marriage watch is taking an existing pocket watch and transferring all the elements (movement, dial, hands…) to a new wristwatch case. The objective is simple: instead of a pocket watch that is hardly usable today, you now have a wristwatch in a modern case, with a transparent case back to admire the movement.

    Something more about the "MARRIAGE: watches
The concept sounds pretty exciting on paper. You take a vintage watch and give it a modern twist. It’s as simple as converting a pocket watch into a wristwatch but the process requires skills and craftsmanship. If all goes well, you may end up creating a piece that nobody else owns. Marriage watches have been in existence for a long time but it’s only now that they’re becoming somewhat popular. Indeed, large watches – with case diameters over 45mm – are quite a in demand these days. Since most marriage watches are based on pocket watch movements, they boast impressive sizes, often exceeding 46mm.