How To Set The Time on an  Omega Quartz 1345 Calibre Watch

How To Set The Time on an Omega Quartz 1345 Calibre Watch

The 1345 calibre movement was made in house by Omega. The crown on this watch does not have an Omega logo on it, it has a small stainless steel dimple in the centre in the crown.

How To Set The Time On An Omega 1345 Calibre Watch

When the crown is pulled out only the hour hand and day indicator moves. This in not a fault, it is meant to be like this.

Setting The Watch

To set the minutes press and hold the button down for 5 seconds then quickly release the button and press it straight back in, now the seconds and minute hands will move quickly. Hold the button down until the minutes are correct, then pull the crown out and set the hours and day. The date is set by sequentially pressing the button recessed in the side of the watch just below the crown, until the correct number is obtained.

To set the seconds accurately, the dimple in the crown is pressed in with a ball point pen and held down, this will cause the seconds hand will stop. If the watch is fast by a few seconds, continue holding the button until the time is correct, then release it. If the watch is a few seconds slow, pump the button and the seconds hand will jump forward a second at a time until the correct time is achieved, then release the button. If the watch is slow by a quite a few seconds, hold the button until the second hand arrives at the correct time, then release the button.

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