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  • Omega Vintage Wristwatches Collection

    Inflation can make your groceries, gas, and rent more expensive. However, it has little effect on fine watches, making them the perfect antidote to rising prices

    During the Covid-19 Recession, the Dow Jones and S&P 500 plummeted -22.7% and -19.6%. Fine watches? It only fell -1.4%

    A carefully curated E-V-W Watch collection has bond-like stability. You can expect consistent performance even when the stock market takes investors for a roller coaster ride.

  • potek philippe pocket watch movement one minute chronograph

    Pocket Watch Conversion - Marriage Watch Collection

    What is a MARRIAGE watch?

    A marriage watch is taking an existing pocket watch and transferring all the elements (movement, dial, hands…) to a new wristwatch case. The objective is simple: instead of a pocket watch that is hardly usable today, you now have a wristwatch in a modern case, with a transparent caseback to admire the movement.