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Very Rare Jaeger LeCoultre Military A.D.R.I (Army of the Republic of Indonesia) Dirty Dozen W.W.W / Cal 885

Very Rare Jaeger LeCoultre Military A.D.R.I (Army of the Republic of Indonesia) Dirty Dozen W.W.W / Cal 885


The story goes, that as these watches were only delivered towards the tail-end of WWII, Britain was left with a significant surplus when the war ended and was keen to get rid of some. While they were celebrating victory on the other side of the world in the East Indies (modern day Indonesia), the K.N.I.L. army, fresh from defeating the Japanese occupation in the region, was back in conflict with the Indonesian freedom fighters who had declared independence. With a need for military goods, the Dutch looked to Britain. Despite being allies, there was a reluctance to sell to the Netherlands, as Britain didn’t support the conflict.. However, providing military watches seemed like a harmless concession and so was allowed, resulting in what is known today as the mythical reissued W.W.W’s with K.N.I.L. case backs.

But wait, the story goes deeper! What is even cooler, is that these reissued W.W.W’s were then re-reissued, again, and this time to the A.D.R.I. (Army of the Republic of Indonesia). These two armies were in conflict, which means that it could very well have been that the watch exchanged hands forcefully. You can see on the case back that K.N.I.L. has been scratched off, quite violently if I may say so, and instead A.D.R.I. engraved. What you end up with is a watch with military history in the British, Dutch and Indonesian armies! If you are talking about provenance, it doesn’t get much better than this.

DESCRIPTION & Specifications of the watch

MODEL: Dirty Dozen W.W.W Jaeger LeCoultre Military A.D.R.I (Army of the Republic of Indonesia)/ Cal 885 / Vintage 1951

Very rare watch

Not everyone has the opportunity to wear a beautiful 70 years old watch from a renowned brand.

MOVEMENT: Manual winding high grade cal. 885 based on 17 Jewels and 19800 A/h vibrations per hour.

SERVICE: The watches are professionally checked and if necessary serviced

YEAR: 1951

DIAL: The complete dial was freshly refurbished with good care by a dial specialist using state-of-the-art reprinting and refurbishment techniques.

CASE: Stainless Steel / Acier Inoxidable /

DIAMETER: 36 mm - 1.18 inch

STRAP: New leather strap - Model wrist size on the photo is 18 cm - 7,08 inch

WATER-TIGHTNESS: Splash Water Resistant (handwashing ok, not showering)

BOX: Spezial customized secure black travel watch case

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